General information about continuous basalt fiber Basfiber®

Continuous basalt fiber and other basalt materials are produced of basalt rock

Continuous basalt fiber is an inorganic fibrous material manufactured directly from basalt rock. During its production basalt crashed rock is melted in a furnace after which filaments are formed from homogenized melt by the mean of one-stage drawing process typical for glass fiber manufacturing. During drawing process, special sizing is applied on basalt strand. Sizing provides it with good flexibility and adhesion with different resin types used in production of composites products.

For further information regarding Basfiber® production technology, please refer the Section «Basal Fiber Production».

We present to your attention the registered trademark Basfiber® which is widely known all over the world’s composites industry. You can buy Basfiber® products by contacting the «Kamenny Vek» company or our regional partners.

Basalt fiber application range

Continuous basalt fiber is widely used in various fields of construction and composites industry. Combining high mechanical properties, resistance to aggressive media and high temperatures, the basalt fiber successfully competes with other fibrous materials and metal. It is widely used in following applications:

  • in construction industry for concrete and facades reinforcement,
  • in automobile industry for production of different components and units parts,
  • in shipbuilding for boats, yachts, scooters, surfboards manufacturing,
  • in sport and leisure goods manufacturing,
  • for wind power generator blades manufacturing,
  • for thermal barriers manufacturing,

Basfiber® is an excellent alternative to traditional materials used in composites industry. This unique material can be easily implemented in various new projects and enable to significantly innovate existing ones.  

Basfiber® advantages

Continuous basalt fiber Basfiber® is an up-to-date inorganic material, which physical and mechanical characteristics allow it to successfully compete with steel, glass fiber and other materials. The main properties of Basfiber® are as follows:

  • Mechanical strength: continuous basalt fiber has high mechanical properties. It is capable to withstand considerable loads at low consumption of raw material.
  • Electrical insulating properties: basalt fiber has low electrical conductivity so basalt fiber is rated as dielectric material. The parts or shell elements produced from basalt fiber are fully protected against static electricity and contact with electrical current.
  • Resistance to aggressive media: basalt fiber can be used in alkaline and acid medium with significantly lower weight loss compared to Е-glass.
  • Heat resistance: capability of basalt fiber to withstand continuous contact with heat source of 460°C as well as peak heating up to 1000 °C. It makes continuous basalt fiber indispensible in manufacturing of thermal insulation materials.
  • Environmental friendliness: produced of natural materials without using chemical additives, basalt fiber can be easily recycled and utilized. During its production, it doesn’t release toxic chemicals.
  • Dark color: basalt fiber has golden-brown color and can be used as an alternative to carbon and aramid fiber in cosmetics applications.

How to order Basfiber® products?

«Kamenny Vek» company is a world-class manufacturer. Our basalt fiber under the trade mark Basfiber is widely known and available on international composites market. The prices for our Basfiber products are just a little higher compared to E-glass. Our prices are comparable with basalt fiber represented by other manufacturers while the properties of our Basfiber are much higher due to our unique patented production technology. By contacting us or our regional partners, you can place a Purchase Order for basalt fiber in form of different Basfiber products. For more information see the Section «Basalt Fiber Products».

Our plant is certified by the ISO standard. We supply our products all over the world by our freight forwarders or through our official distributors and partners in the USA, Europe, Australia and Asian countries. To purchase our Basfiber® products or to get an additional information regarding them, please get in contact with our sales managers or regional distributors.