Kamenny Vek

Advanced basalt fiber

Kamenny Vek Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of continuous basalt fiber that is produced and sold on the market under the registered trademark Basfiber®.

Basfiber® is close to and sometimes outperforms high strength glass and other specialty fibers but beats them price wise.


Basalt fiber advantagesBasfiber® advantages over regular glass fiber (Е-glass):

  • 20-25% higher tensile strength
  • 10-15% higher tensile modulus
  • 150°C higher melting point and operating temperatures range
  • Significantly better resistance to acids and corrosion
  • Better alkali resistance
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Attractive Golden-Brown color

Basfiber®: production

Basfiber®: production

Basalt fiber offered by different manufacturers is produced from basalt rock of different chemical compositions, and various technologies are used for its production. This means that the properties of basalt fiber can significantly differ depending on the manufacturer.

Kamenny Vek uses large-sized bushings for a full-scale production of high quality, inexpensive 1200- and 2000-tex single-end roving. That is technically impossible for the technology of fiber production at single- or two-module furnaces, used by all other manufacturers of basalt fiber in the world. In the very near future we will start production of 2400-tex single-end roving.


Basfiber®: processing

Basfiber®: processing

Processing of Basfiber® does not require special equipment or technologies and it is successfully used in all traditional processes including:

  • Pultrusion
  • Filament winding
  • Compounding
  • Conversion into various woven and non-woven materials
  • Reinforcement of concrete

Basfiber® is compatible with most types of thermoset and thermoplastic resins such as Epoxy, Polyester, Vinyl ester, Phenolic, PP, PE, PA and others.


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