Ecological properties of continuous basalt fiber

According to National Directives on end-of-life composites in the leading industrial countries, it is strongly recommended to use end-of-life management principles during products development and production. To fulfill such recommendations, manufactures have to look for new "green" materials which could help them to meet strict environmental requirements.

Many manufacturers have already chosen Basfiber® as such "green product" due to its advantages:

  • As a raw material for Basfiber® production, we use basalt which is an inert natural rock.
  • No chemical additives are used during Basfiber® production
  • Basfiber® has no toxic reaction with air, water or other chemicals that may be hazardous for people or can pollute the environment
  • Basfiber® is not a carcinogenic product, according to NTP, IARC or OSHA
  • Basfiber® has excellent recyclability during the incineration process. The fiber is converted to black powder that is easily removed from combustion chamber and can be recycled as a filler for different applications.