Basalt chopped strands for different applications

Kamenny Vek offers to its customers a wide range of basalt chopped strand with sizings that provide excellent adhesion with different matrixes. 

Applications: Resin-based composite products

Break pads produced of basalt fiber composite

The usage of basalt chopped strand instead of E-glass in production of polypropylene, polyethylene or polyamide compounds allows to achieve higher mechanical properties of end products.

Friction materials made of Basfiber ® have higher and more stable frictional coefficient at high temperatures and better durability.

Basfiber ® products are health and environment friendly materials.

Applications: Fiber-reinforced cement and concrete reinforcement

Fiber-reinforced cement and concrete reinforcement

For applications in construction industry Kamenny Vek offers chopped strand covered with a special alkali resistant KV-13 sizing.

Use of chopped basalt strand in this application is an extremely effective way to increase mechanical properties and cracking resistance of concrete or other cement systems.

Basfiber® reinforced concrete can significantly extend the life cycle of bridges, highways, parking garages, railways, housing, sea structures, tunnels etc.

Applications: needle-punched mats and veils production

Headliner produced of basalt fiber veil

Kamenny Vek offers to its customers dry chopped strand with a special KV-14 sizing for production of needle-punched mats. This product is easily and evenly dispersed during the process of needle punching and also ensures high consumer properties of mats made with it.

In addition to dry chopped strand Kamenny Vek offers wet chopped strand covered by a hydrophilic KV-05/1 sizing. This product is instantly dispersed into monofilaments in aqueous media. It enables to use it for production of veils made by paper technology.

Mats, made with Basfiber®, provide a higher sound protection level.

Thermo insulation properties of mats made with Basfiber® at least 150 °C higher compared to products made with Е-glass.

Mats and veils made with Basfiber® are free of toxic substances, non- carcinogenic and have excellent recyclability.

Basalt chopped strand: Technical information

Sizing type Compatibility Dry/Wet fiber Sizing features and recommended applications Technical Data Sheet (TDS) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
KV-02M Phenolic, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide resins Dry - Brake pads production,
- Multi-compatible and inexpensive sizing for compounding with thermoplasts
KV-41 Epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resins Dry Composite products manufacturing based on  SMC and BMC technologies TDS SDS
KV-13 Cement, concrete Dry - Production of fiber-reinforced cement slabs,
- Concrete reinforcement
KV-18 Polypropylene and polyethylene resins Dry Sizing for production of compounds based on polypropylene and polyethylene TDS SDS
KV-14 Epoxy and phenolic resins Dry Sizing for needle-punched mats production TDS SDS
KV-05/1 multifunctional Wet Hydrophilic fiber with humidity up to 10%, used for veils production by the paper technology TDS SDS