Basalt ropes Basfiber® for sealing and thermo-insulating

Basalt ropes Basfiber® are designed for insulation of general and special purpose heating units and heat-conducting systems in various industries, including industrial production and construction, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and oil refining industry.


Basalt rope serves as a sealing material which ensures the tightness of the equipment and prevents the penetration of dust, water vapor and chemicals. In addition, due to its high heat resistance and low thermal conductivity, it also serves as a thermo-insulating material. Usage of basalt ropes in ventilation and smoke removal systems provides tight connection and fire safety.


Production technology

Basalt rope Basfiber® is produced using rope braiding machines. The core of the rope is made of basalt roving and the braid is made of basalt twisted yarn.

The rope diameter is from 4 mm to 14 mm.

The length of rope in bobbins is from 50 meters to 100 meters.


Basalt rope

The main advantages of Basfiber® rope:

  • it is considered as a "green product"
  • high operating temperature
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • easy installation


Unlike basalt thermo-insulating ropes based on super-thin fiber, Basfiber® rope consists of fibers with a diameter of at least 11 microns. Fibers of this size do not pass through the respiratory tract and are not deposited in the lungs, like asbestos or super-thin fiber. Thus, this material has an advantage in terms of health safety.



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