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Product range of «Kamenny Vek» based on continuous basalt fiber


Basalt direct roving

Direct roving

Direct roving is a ready - to - sell continuous one-end strand produced in the drawing process and wound on bobbins with 200 mm internal diameter. Read more...

Basalt assembled roving

Assembled roving

Assembled roving consists of several single-end strands joined together without twisting on special assembling machine. It is supplied on bobbins with internal unwinding (tubeless, 76 or 200 mm internal diameter) or external unwinding (bobbins are wound on a tube with internal diameter of 76mm and length of 270 mm). Read more...


Chopped strand/Chopped fiber

Chopped strand

Basalt chopped strand for composites production, concrete reinforcement and other applications is produced from continuous basalt fiber on drum-type choppers. It can be dry or wet depending on the technology used for its processing. Read more...

Basalt fabrics


Basalt woven and knitted fabrics are produced from direct rovings, assembled rovings and/or twisted yarns on special weaving and knitting machines. Read more...



Basalt twisted yarn

Twisted yarn

Basalt twisted yarn consists of one or more single strands, twisted together in several steps. It can be balanced or unbalanced. Read more...

Basalt reinforcing mesh

Reinforcing mesh

Basalt reinforcing meshes are produced by sewing-knitting technology with further impregnation with special compositions depending on application: as a construction mesh or as a geogrid for roads. Read more...


Basalt needle-punched mat

Needle-punched mat

Basalt needle-punched mat (hereinafter BIM) has no binder, mechanical interlocking of the material is achieved with thousands of barbed felting needles repeatedly passing in and out of fibrous web. Read more...

Basalt rope


Basalt rope «Basfiber» is produced on rope braiding machines. The rope core is presented by basalt roving and the braiding is produced from basalt twisted yarn. Read more...