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Applications of continuous basalt fiber Basfiber® and products based on it



Применение базальтового волокна в строительстве

Kamenny Vek offers a wide range of products for building and road construction:

  • Wet or dry chopped strand for premix technology
  • Special roving for Spray-Up technology
  • High strength roving for production of rebar and pultruded profiles
  • Basalt mats and fabrics for concrete reinforcement and buildings thermo insulation
  • Reinforcing mesh for roads and buildings construction
  • Scrims


Automotive industry

Применение базальтового волокна в автомобильной промышленностиBasfiber® products are ideally suited for applications requiring mechanical strength, resistance to high temperature, durability, chemical resistance and environmental friendliness especially when combination of such requirements is needed. Due to its outstanding properties and affordable price, Basfiber® successfully replaces traditional materials in automotive industry for production of:

  • Headliners
  • CNG cylinders
  • Brake pads and clutch plates
  • Thermo insulation for exhausting systems
  • Muffler's filler
  • Interior and exterior parts based on fabrics
  • Thermoplastic parts and components


Other applications

Применение базальтового волокна в других отраслях

Besides construction and automotive industries basalt materials are widly used in other fields:

  • Industrial filters production
  • Thermal barriers
  • Composite products in sport and leisure goods
  • Wind power generator blades
  • Corrosion resistant high pressure pipes
  • Marine application